How it works

de.Light bulbs work together with our proprietary de.Light adapter to bridge the connection between your router and lighting infrastructure.

This turns the electrical circuit into a giant network with stable data transmission, enabling each bulb to become an independent Wi-Fi Access Point.

How to set-up

Step 1

Connect the de.Light adapter to your wall power outlet to maximise its performance.

All other sockets (including power stripes) may be plugged into de.Light’s pass-through adapter.

Step 2



Place de.Light bulb in any room that has weak or no Wi-Fi. It works (amazingly) well with both ceiling lights and portable lamps!

Step 3



Download the de.Light app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Launch the app to access its QR Code scanner. Scan the unique QR code provided on the user guide and your password will be entered automatically.

Alternatively, you can to your device’s Wi-Fi settings to find deLight_XXXX and input the given unique password on the user guide manually.