Why We Exist

If you were ever asked to rank the following in order of things you wouldn’t be able to live without, where would you place WiFi?
Coffee/Shower/Car/TV/Mobile Phone/WiFi/Chocolate/Family/Friends
You probably would be surprised to hear that WiFi hit the top of the list in a survey conducted by Direct Line by Opinium Research online. Technology dominates our lives – the smart phones, the tablets, the Kindles and the laptops… As highlighted in the report for UN Human Rights Council, the right to Internet access (a.k.a the right to broadband) has to be part of the fundamental human rights. When was the last time you were connected to Internet? When was the last time you looked for WiFi? The answer is, we do it ALL THE TIME.
Smart devices have entered our homes and our lives and we naturally need, and expect to have WiFi everywhere in the house including the bedrooms, the bathroom and the backyard. Undoubtedly,WiFi is the most prevalent technology in the homes but unfortunately wireless signal does not pass through the walls and lost over distance. So ISPs strongly advise you to move your router to the center of the room or upgrade to dual band boxes with better specs, or even suggest you put more wall sockets and use repeaters everywhere but, oh well, it is such an unsightly solution, isn’t it? That’s where we kick in – XYConnect technology overcomes them by making such barriers completely irrelevant. Yes, we don’t confront the walls. We bypass the walls.
Our patented Power-line communication technologies bring a simple yet elegant solution to help you achieve seamless WiFi experience. Our long term vision is to enable broadband to everyone in the homes. We aim to simplify and disrupt the way WiFi is delivered in the homes.

What We Do

XYConnect develops lights to help individuals enjoy WiFi in the space of your choice.
Our technology takes advantage of existing lighting socket and wiring structures that are widely distributed across the world.  Our solution is simple, elegant and highly unique. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day – it is the result of effort put by engineers who are highly expertised in the field of Power line communications and chip design automation and as a result, we developed a solution that can be easily adopted and highly relevant to the latest WiFi issues and needs.
All you have to do is change your light bulb and you instantly have broadband in a space of your choice. Put one in your backyard and Voila! You are able to stream a movie in your porch.
XYConnect will continue to develop solutions for solving the WiFi issues faced by people and we hope to accomplish this through a community of supporters who are willing to embrace the innovation.

Who We Are

We are a lively group of technologists and engineers who strongly believe that people deserve a better WiFi speed and coverage at any given space. It is our aspiration to join in the wave of smart home and be one of the largest supporters as well as the change makers in the industry.

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