Where you place your router

Many place their router in a corner at home or keep it hidden because of its unsightly appearance. These obstructions cause poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

de.Light gives better Wi-Fi

de.Light is ideally positioned on the ceiling to maximise Wi-Fi coverage for devices. It looks just like any other light bulb, which allows it to blend in seamlessly in your home.

Why de.Light is the best solution to your Wi-Fi woes

de.light duplicate


Lighting circuit is least prone to interference

Does not occupy power outlet

Neat & elegant cable-free solution

Plug-and-play with no configuration

Typical PLC Adapter

PLC Extender

Electrical interference causes performance drop

Always placed down below in the corner

Takes up the power outlet space

Power outlet may not be available in Wi-Fi blind spots

Wi-Fi mesh solution vs de.Light bulb

WiFi Mesh System

Wi-Fi signal drops significantly over the walls

Blind spots in corner still gets unreliable signal after many walls and distance

Every device requires power cables, resulting in messy cables on the floor

Takes up multiple power outlets

Wi-Fi  vs  Li-Fi  vs  Wi-Fi on Light

See how de.Light combines only the advantages of Wi-Fi and Li-Fi.

Wi-Fi from typical router


Widely available, familiar technology

Easy set up, no extra device required

Router is placed in corner, blocked by furniture, walls, etc

One router isn’t enough to cover the whole house



No signal blockage as light is placed in open space

Lighting structures are more widely available throughout the home as compared to power sockets

There’s no Internet when illumination is off

Wi-Fi on Light


Integrates Wi-Fi with Li-Fi’s pros

No signal blockage as light bulb is naturally positioned in open space

Where there’s light, there’s Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi works even when the illumination is off

Product Specifications

Power line:  500 Mbps HomePlug AV
WiFi: 2.4Ghz 2R2T (300Mbps)
Lumen: 500 Lux (6W)
Power: ~100-240V AC, 200mA (Max)
Base: E26/27
Size: 73mm (Diameter)*129mm (Height)

What’s in the starter kit?

1 Wi-Fi Bulb (White light LED)
1 de.Light PLC Adapter
1 Ethernet cable
1 Yellow light LED (Replaceable!)

1 Year warranty
For bulb purchase, please contact hotdeal@xy-connect.com.

BUY NOW $149
1 Year warranty
For bulb purchase, please contact hotdeal@xy-connect.com.