Where you place your router:

Many place their router in a corner at home or keep it hidden because of its unsightly appearance. These obstructions cause poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

Why de.Light gives better Wi-Fi:

de.Light is ideally positioned on the ceiling to maximise Wi-Fi coverage for devices. It looks just like any other light bulb, which allows it to blend in seamlessly in your home.

Why de.Light is the best solution to your Wi-Fi woes


  • Lighting circuit is least prone to interference
  • Does not occupy power outlet
  • Neat & elegant cable-free solution
  • Plug-and-play with no configuration

PLC Extender

Typical PLC Adapter
  • Electrical interference causes performance drop
  • Always placed down below in the corner
  • Takes up the power outlet space
  • Power outlet may not be available in Wi-Fi blind spots

WiFi Mesh System

Wi-Fi mesh solution vs de.Light bulb
  • Wi-Fi signal drops significantly over the walls
  • Blind spots in corner still gets unreliable signal after many walls and distance
  • Every device requires power cables, resulting in messy cables on the floor
  • Takes up multiple power outlets

Wi-Fi vs Li-Fi vs Wi-Fi on Light

See how de.Light combines only the advantages of Wi-Fi and Li-Fi.

Wi-Fi from typical router

  • Widely available, familiar technology
  • Easy set up, no extra device required
  • Router is placed in corner, blocked by furniture, walls etc
  • One router isn’t enough to cover the whole house


  • No signal blockage as light is placed in open space
  • Lighting structures are more widely available throughout the home as compared to power sockets
  • There’s no Internet when illumination is off
  • Severe interference with other light sources

Wi-Fi on Light

  • Integrates Wi-Fi with Li-Fi’s pros
  • No signal blockage as light bulb is naturally positioned in open space
  • Where there’s light, there’s Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi works even when the illumination is off

Product Specifications

Power line:  500 Mbps HomePlug AV
WiFi: 2.4Ghz 2R2T (300Mbps)
Lumen: 500 Lux (6W)
Power: ~100-240V AC, 200mA (Max)
Base: E26/27
Size: 73mm (Diameter)*129mm (Height)

What’s in the starter kit?

1 Wi-Fi Bulb (White light LED)
1 de.Light PLC Adapter
1 Ethernet cable
1 Yellow light LED (Replaceable!)

1 Year warranty
For bulb purchase, please contact hotdeal@xy-connect.com.

1 Year warranty
For bulb purchase, please contact hotdeal@xy-connect.com.