de.Light-ful Wi-Fi Experience

de.Light-ful Wi-Fi experience from around the world

This light bulb takes things to another level...It's a pretty delightful Wi-Fi experience.

Smart tech

I have a two level condo and I installed several lights in the rooms. The seamless roaming function is awesome and the wifi is stable throughout the house even with multiple users.


de.Light as a wifi extender looks elegant and beautiful compared to other wifi products. The setup is also simple and fast.


Interesting product that gives decent performance. Eliminated wifi blind spots in my bedroom.


Not an easy task to do but it nailed it.


What a brilliant idea to put wifi and a smart bulb together. I installed one de.light bulb in my bedroom. I can now stream movies in my bedroom. I really like the de.Light app which I can adjust the dimness of the light and set the lighting schedule.

Wen Jing

Setup was easy and Wi-Fi coverage is great. Not easy for a 3 floors big house to have a reliable Wi-Fi signal everywhere, but de.Light did it. Highly recommended.


I can even use Wi-Fi even without the light on. It is really convenient to manage both the lighting function and the Wi-Fi. I love this de.Light bulb.